Cleaning Costs

Cleaning services and costs vary depending on what part of Colorado you live in. Having a home cleaned in Aspen for example will run more than in a less exclusive area and the reasons a obvious .. Labor costs, insurance and other costs for example are going to run a lot more in Aspen than in a less expensive area. Cleaning companies must pay their employees a lot more in an area like Aspen for example because the cost of living for these employees is a lot higher. Cost of food and accommodations vary from place to place and as a customer you must be aware that businesses do their best to keep prices reasonable while still ensuring their overheads are covered.  Feel free to shop around for pricing but be careful because we all know you get what you pay for. if you select the cheapest service you will almost certainly will not be happy with the final outcome. A more expensive service will take the time to ensure the job is done right and that you.

How do you find out what the going rate is where you live? First identify the nearest large city closest to you and call a few of the local established cleaning services in that area and find out what they charge. Don’t downplay the size and condition of your home if you want to get an accurate estimate. Once you have gotten an idea of the going rate then decide if that is within your budget and then pick one of the companies and set up an initial cleaning. After the initial cleaning is done you should have an idea on how good the company is and how much time would be needed for ongoing services. If you are only doing quarterly services it will be about the same amount of time as your initial cleaning. A weekly service however should not take as long because they will be maintaining your home after that initial clean. The cleaning company can guide you t6hrough their recommendations for your home.

Keep in mind, if you move to another part of Colorado your cost for a similar size home may be different from what you paid elsewhere because labor costs, insurance, etc. vary from place to place.